Residing in a Nursing Facility

While many patients receive Hospice care in their homes, Pathway Hospice also cares for patients living in nursing facilities and assisted living as well as other Retirement Care Facilities.

In order to provide Hospice care in a nursing facility, the Hospice and facility must establish a collaborative agreement in orders to ensure quality of care and maintain standards. Pathway has contracts with several nursing facilities and hospice houses if 24 hour skilled care is needed for you and/or your family.

These agreements allow you and your family to benefit in many ways. The Pathway Hospice Care Team combines with the nursing facility staff to offer continuous high quality care at a time when it is needed the most. Your family will have peace of mind knowing that you are receiving additional care and support in comfortable and secure surrounding. Medicare and Medicaid view the facility where the patient resides as their home. As a result, all hospice care, medical equipment, medications and supplies related to your terminal illness can be provided to you at no cost to your family. In certain situations the hospice will not pay for room and board, it is your responsibility.